Triad Councils of Light

I am posting below my latest article published in the December issue of “Luminous Wisdom Sophia.” If you would like to be part of a global movement to heal the polarities, shift consciousness and create miracles on earth, then please join me on Thursday, December 7, 2017, at 1:11 PM PST to learn more about being a Spiritual Mediator using the archetypal blueprint used by the Ascended Masters in their High Council work.

To sign up, please send your email address to: and I will forward you information to attend a free introductory conference call.

I am looking forward to seeing you there!

In Love and Light,

♥ Son’Yah


“If you feel called to perform ‘Spiritual Mediation’ in service to the Divine Will of Creator, I encourage you to reach out for guidance in forming triad relationships.”

When we move past duality consciousness, we begin to activate the Trinity aspect within Nature. The Trinity is a foundational blueprint of Nature that appears in sacred geometry as the fire element known as the Tetrahedron. Triad relationships exist throughout Creation as Universe, Galaxy, Star; Sun, Moon, Earth; Soul, Spirit, Body; Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, and so on….

When I moved to Mt. Shasta, I was guided to start working in a triad formation with two other Lightworkers. We developed a working format to anchor in the quantum field for the greater good of all. The guidance was to start building diamond light grids on earth and throughout the cosmos. What I discovered during our triad union was that we each uniquely held the field of energy as an anchor, visionary and oracle.

Initially, our field was anchored into the earth as a large red root.  Our roles began to expand and shift as we each received the spiritual gifts of the other. In service to Source, this exponentially magnified our individual and collective field. As we strengthened our spiritual radiation and field of influence, we became aware of the spiritual radiation of three other triad pods that were supporting this mission within our Soul group. It took a year of consistent triad journey work to build the Christ diamond light grids throughout the earth and cosmos.

In effect, we were four “Tri-Pods” (consisting of 12) acting as a Council of Light being guided by Source in the building a new archetypal blueprint for the Earth as an “Eye of God.”  We were being guided to shape and form Divine outcomes not only on earth but throughout the cosmos in preparation for Mother Gaia and humanity’s ascension. This same blueprint is used by the High Councils of Light that serve Divine Mother Sophia on a grander scale. In the heavenly realms, 36 council seats are each held by a triad formation (totalling 108 members) or 12 High Councils which are known as an Order. It is the perfect archetypal blueprint for Sophia Christ Consciousness to work through.

At the request of St. Germaine, I am calling divinely guided Lightworkers to form Triad Councils to stabilize the earth’s energy in the USA, North Korea and around the planet. Imagine ourselves as “Tri-Pods” anchoring the earth energies as instruments of Divine Will. Picture the organic spiritual movement that would be mobilized with Triad Councils of Light in our community, state, nation and across the globe under the direct guidance of Divine Mother Sophia.

If you feel called to perform “Spiritual Mediation” in service to the Divine Will of Creator, I encourage you to reach out for guidance in forming triad relationships. If you are familiar with this level of work, I suggest you start your own Triad Council of Light and start actively supporting the changes you wish to see. When we come together in unity Christ Consciousness, we can co-create miracles on earth in service to the Divine Will of Mother Sophia

Thunder and Lightning Messengers

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving day with family and friends.  I spent a quiet day at home with my husband, Bennett, and enjoyed a bountiful thanksgiving dinner together.  The prior evening, we looked at entertaining ourselves with a movie and decided to go see Thor: Ragnarok.

We were drawn to the movie because we both have been working with White Buffalo Woman, a Native American Divine Feminine Christ Ascended Master.  She is a Thunder and Lighting messenger and prophet who teaches us to live in right relations with ourselves, community and the planet.  As such, I was attracted to go see Thor because of his portrayal as the God of Thunder.  

I like to see how my experiences speak to me on other levels of my consciousness. For example, I recently had a dream where I was being shown three aspects of my service in the world.  At the first level of the dream, I was the farmer tending to my spiritual garden.  At the second level of the dream, I was the teacher going out into the world, bringing consciousness to others. At the third level of the dream, I was a world leader making governance decisions that affected whether or not we would go to war.  

Movies can be a great reflection of what is happening in our world. Seeing the potential of the Coinciding Principle in action, I thought Thor: Ragnarok might have some great messages for humanity.  I was right. Metaphorically speaking, Thor can be likened to the instrument of change as a divine messenger leading his people out of the desert.  In the movie, the powers at large were attempting to take control of Asgard and were fighting amongst themselves to see who came out on top.  The people who were caught in the middle were considered expendable pawns in the power struggle for rulership of their planet.

Our hero is thrown into the mass consciousness of people who are mesmerized by stadium-like amusement games built off of pleasure, materiality and competition, creating a junkyard planet. Tested in his will to overcome the controllers, Thor was stripped of his power and position.  Next, he and his would be supporters had to face their greatest fears and illusions and ultimately forgiveness to connect to their true mission.

This is exactly what we are being called to do in our struggle to live as sovereign divine beings on this planet. From both the perspective of my dream and the movie, I saw how each of us are responsible for creating and affecting world consciousness.  It is our consciousness that will determine whether the power mongers who are destroying our world succeed. It is our consciousness that will determine whether we survive the corollary planetary changes. Each of us are continually making earth changing decisions based on our choices and actions. Every decision we make, whether as the spiritual farmer, teacher or world leader is, in deed, affecting our world.  

Both in my dream and in the movie, the Coinciding Principle was in play bringing forth a powerful message.  We are the superheroes!  We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for.  It’s time to step into our power as divine lightning rods and lead our world out of the corruption and destruction that comes out of annihilation and rape consciousness.

From my heart to yours!

♥ Son’Yah


Down the Rabbit Hole

“Through singularity, we are connected to ALL knowledge, memory and form.”

The following article was published in the November issue of Luminous Wisdom Sophia and is an interesting perspective on singularity and becoming a conscious co-creator with the potential to change the world.

P.S. Last month’s October article was not very legible so I have reposted it below for easier reading.

From my heart to yours!

♥ Son’Yah



My path toward wholeness has taken me down the rabbit hole of lost and hidden aspects of myself that I managed to ignore, forget or just didn’t listen to. Out of my own sense of survival, I endured the pain and suffering of life in relative silence until a drug overdose at age 19.

Memories from this lifestream began to reenact themselves in dreams in order to reveal the unresolved feelings that have shaped and formed my life. Learning to feel love, compassion and forgiveness for these disavowed parts of myself brought up my greatest fears in facing and taking responsibility for my creations. In my prayers for assistance, I was guided to the perfect instrument that could support me in that moment of need. The support provided the safety net necessary to face my fears and begin to love the negated parts of myself once again.

Then memories of other lifestreams began to float to the surface to give me an infinite perspective of myself. “The Way” to access these infinite parts was found by diving deep into the quantum universe. By venturing into the universe within, I started to unite the discordant parts of my multidimensional self that were fueling one another. In taking the ghosts out of the closet, from all lifestreams, I began to heal the puzzle of inner and outer conflicts and illusions, from a whole perspective. The potential arose to rewrite my soul’s story from the Present now. Visualizing the outcome I would like, from a place of unconditional love, materialized potential timelines into existence that altered my experience of life, moving forward and back.

We’ve all perceived visualization from the mind’s eye where the body responds to it as if it’s physically occurring. That’s because we live in a holographic universe where there are infinite potentials and infinite possibilities based on all our choices. When we realize that we are the programmers of our multidimensional lifestreams and stop allowing ourselves to be programmed, we can rewrite and recreate the reality that we choose.

Remember the movie “Lucy,” where she moves into singularity by connecting to the memory of “All That Is?” Through singularity, we are connected to ALL knowledge, memory and form. This is possible because, not only is singularity connected to Everything, including our chromosomes, genes and DNA, but it’s also embedded into the structure of spacetime which is linked to the Present.

So, why not start living the life you’ve always wanted? The Universal Principles of Creation are here to support you in everything that you think, say and do. Why not write a different movie and reclaim the power that you gave away in the old version? Why not send back the energy that you unknowingly took on by living someone else’s version of your life? Taking back your power is an act of consciousness. When you begin to live by that consciousness, you become a conscious co-creator with the potential to change the world and create miracles on earth!

The Missing ‘Peace’

Sometimes some of our most deepest and painful memories can only be accessed through divine support. The following is my story of such an experience and what a wonderful transformational lesson I received in the process. From my heart to yours!

♥ Son’Yah



My first memories in life were of my dreams. One was a repetitive nightmare where I was lying in my crib crying. My mother entered the room, yelling at me, as she approached. I didn’t know how to escape her menacing presence, so I began to dissolve into a world of sound which enveloped me in a yellow orb of light. The sound overwhelmed my senses, as I became smaller and smaller, until I completely disappeared.

I’ve spent the majority of my life attempting to recapture this wounded part of myself. She was so frightened and emotionally injured, that she did not want to come back from her invisible world. But then on Easter, seeking a deeper relationship with Source through prayer and meditation, an Easter Bunny appeared. Surprised by the vision, I asked the rabbit if it had a message for me. It responded: “Let go of Everything!” As I followed this advice, I felt myself surrender into the void of nothingness.

As this occurred, the Easter Bunny leaped into the cosmos on three arcs of stardust (portending a forthcoming blessing) and turned into a beautiful dragon. Then, miraculously, my injured little girl reappeared before me. She tried to stand up on her little feet, but fell down. She got up again and managed to wobbily keep her balance. I was so overjoyed to retrieve my inner child, that we cried in each other’s arms in joyful reunion. After visiting with her for awhile, I told her I would frequent with her again, soon.

But life moved me into the fast lane and I did not revisit her. I had another dream where she was having a crying tantrum because I was not giving her any attention. In fact, keeping myself busy was my unconscious way of avoiding her. Avoiding her kept me from facing all the ways I wasn’t honoring her in my life. To be honest, I never learned how to nurture this part of myself. I quickly discovered it was now my responsibility to be the loving parents she ardently wanted. What? That is exactly why I never had children, because I knew I wouldn’t know how to emotionally take care of them.

Seeking guidance from Divine Mother Sophia, the greatest Mother of All, I am now seeing “The Way” to care for her and taking the time to reacquaint myself with the innocence and vulnerability that she represents. I realized that until I FULLY reclaim ALL of myself, I can never achieve my soul purpose for BEing.

The missing peace, for each of us, is in reclaiming the divine innocence we were born with and have never lost. It’s just waiting for our sincere beckoning to resurrect itself back into our heart and soul. It’s the guiding light that can carry us on wings of glory to the authenticity we so fervently desire.

Truthfully, the only way to change the world is to change ourselves, for lasting change always begins from within, never from without.

Celebrating Divine Mother SOPHIA

In honor of Divine Mother SOPHIA, Creatrix of All Life, a new magazine entitled: Luminous Wisdom ~ SOPHIA [Enlightens, Empowers & Illuminates] is launching its maiden voyage on the international internet scene.

I have been selected as a monthly writer for the magazine and each month I will post a copy of my contributing article to Cosmic Dream Weaving subscribers. I hope you enjoy the journey into SOPHIA!

The Super Bowl ~ A Metaphor for Life ~ Part II

Cosmic Dream Weavers, if you’re wondering why my last blog post was on the Super Bowl, I’ve updated it to read “A Metaphor for Life.” Beyond being a metaphor for life, it is also a reminder that our dreams are also an extension of our daytime action.

Night dreams are messages from your soul which you receive as the “witness” in your sleeping state to inform you and guide you on your life path. It is very hard to get a clear picture of yourself (thoughts, feelings and actions) when you’re an actor on the stage of life. This is why our dreams are so valuable, because they afford us the opportunity to see ourselves and our night instruction as part of the audience.

Whether or not you consciously understand the messages in your dreams, your Higher Self does and will guide you toward life lessons that will help you receive, experience and understand what is being given to you in your night instruction.

In the waking state, we also have the opportunity to be the “witness” of our world, outside of the ego’s judgments. When we learn to “witness” life, we remove ourselves from the “stage of life” and become the neutral witness that “sees and understands” from rising above the experience and getting an overview of the situation outside of it’s energetic entanglements. When we allow ourselves to be pulled into life dramas and energetically invested in the polarized energies that are presenting themselves, we lose our equilibrium and peace of mind.

Source is speaking to us in every moment through synchronicity. When you learn to become the witness to what is transpiring around you, a sense of peace and joy rushes in when you realize that every moment is being orchestrated in divine right timing.

So Source chose the Super Bowl to speak to millions of people around the world that dreams do come true when we never give up, never lose hope and keep forging through all obstacles that present themselves. When we demonstrate to Source that we are willing to walk through fire to achieve our aims, the blessings come pouring forth in greater abundance than you could ever imagine.

It’s when we become emotionally attached to anything that we start to lose our balance and are pulled into chaos. We create a new world by surrendering to what IS, rather than resisting it. For what we resist, will persist.

Also, when we allow ourselves to be pulled into the insanity of the world, it strips us of our hope, our momentum and the confidence that we can overcome all travails of the spirit. It pulls us back into the program of fear where we become polarized and paralyzed in having to choose “this” or “that,” rather than just BEing centered in peace and love.

Lastly, we mustn’t forget that there is only One Source, One Consciousness that created us all. How can there be a right or a wrong side to something when it’s all part of the same consciousness, essence and blueprint of life.

So yes, the Super Bowl is a metaphor for the superconscious humans we are becoming. And with the receipt of our superpowers, we need to understand how to best use our energies and stay in alignment by walking the middle way of neutrality.

Movements don’t change anything, they merely raise consciousness by creating more separation. Through the magnification of separation, the blind begin to see that the only thing we can change in life is ourself. Change happens one heart at a time. We change the world by opening our hearts to the love and joy that abides in Nature, BEing attuned to Nature and aligned with our True Nature.

~ Son’Yah (Alisha Renee Kaiser) ♥

Super Bowl Insights (A Metaphor for Life)

Hi Everyone,

With all the craziness going on in the world, I was feeling compelled to write about the Super Bowl. I’m not a sports fan, although I was in my youth. I like to witness events that call large amounts of people together because it gives me a perspective on consciousness that I find very informative.

So speaking on the Super Bowl, possibly being one of the largest pulling mass magnets in the national and international sports scene, I decided to watch the game. Now watching the game for me is first recording it so I can fast forward through the parts I don’t want to watch. So I watch the play and sometimes the replay, and then fast forward to the next play. (I tell you, the game is so much more exciting when you cut out all the excess.)

Anyway, for me it makes the game so much more appealing as it keeps the action continuously flowing. But that’s not why I wanted to write about the Super Bowl. The reason I am writing about it is because it offered a very valuable teaching tool for the masses. What it demonstrated for me is that in the face of all obstacles, the New England Patriots never gave up. They held their focused intention and attention on the goal and in doing that pulled out a victory that no one saw coming. What a statement and example for humanity in these tumultuous times.

Looking at it a little deeper, you have a young team, the Atlantic Falcons, who dominated the first half of the game with their youthful prowess and strength. But coming back in the second half, you have the seasoned New England Patriots you have the experience of pacing themselves and the mental and emotional control that comes from experience, to hold their collective vision together.

Through their unity of purpose and intent, they were able to pull themselves out of the pit of despair. They refused to give up and through purposeful will and desire, turned the game around, tying the score in the last seconds of the game.

Then taking that momentum, they blazed a path down the field for the winning touchdown. I must tell you, it was the most exciting football game I have ever watched. But more than that, the message of hope it gave to humanity that when we stick together and unite for a desired cause, that we can be unstoppable and assured of a victory, by never giving up, in the face of all obstacles.

And for those fans on the losing side, I hope you can take the positive message out of this loss and enhance your lives with the knowing that nothing has permanence. We can always change our world with the knowing that if we never give up, victory is assured.

~ Son’Yah (Alisha Renee Kaiser) ♥