Celebrating Divine Mother SOPHIA

In honor of Divine Mother SOPHIA, Creatrix of All Life, a new magazine entitled: Luminous Wisdom ~ SOPHIA [Enlightens, Empowers & Illuminates] is launching its maiden voyage on the international internet scene.

I have been selected as a monthly writer for the magazine and each month I will post a copy of my contributing article to Cosmic Dream Weaving subscribers. I hope you enjoy the journey into SOPHIA!

The Super Bowl ~ A Metaphor for Life ~ Part II

Cosmic Dream Weavers, if you’re wondering why my last blog post was on the Super Bowl, I’ve updated it to read “A Metaphor for Life.” Beyond being a metaphor for life, it is also a reminder that our dreams are also an extension of our daytime action.

Night dreams are messages from your soul which you receive as the “witness” in your sleeping state to inform you and guide you on your life path. It is very hard to get a clear picture of yourself (thoughts, feelings and actions) when you’re an actor on the stage of life. This is why our dreams are so valuable, because they afford us the opportunity to see ourselves and our night instruction as part of the audience.

Whether or not you consciously understand the messages in your dreams, your Higher Self does and will guide you toward life lessons that will help you receive, experience and understand what is being given to you in your night instruction.

In the waking state, we also have the opportunity to be the “witness” of our world, outside of the ego’s judgments. When we learn to “witness” life, we remove ourselves from the “stage of life” and become the neutral witness that “sees and understands” from rising above the experience and getting an overview of the situation outside of it’s energetic entanglements. When we allow ourselves to be pulled into life dramas and energetically invested in the polarized energies that are presenting themselves, we lose our equilibrium and peace of mind.

Source is speaking to us in every moment through synchronicity. When you learn to become the witness to what is transpiring around you, a sense of peace and joy rushes in when you realize that every moment is being orchestrated in divine right timing.

So Source chose the Super Bowl to speak to millions of people around the world that dreams do come true when we never give up, never lose hope and keep forging through all obstacles that present themselves. When we demonstrate to Source that we are willing to walk through fire to achieve our aims, the blessings come pouring forth in greater abundance than you could ever imagine.

It’s when we become emotionally attached to anything that we start to lose our balance and are pulled into chaos. We create a new world by surrendering to what IS, rather than resisting it. For what we resist, will persist.

Also, when we allow ourselves to be pulled into the insanity of the world, it strips us of our hope, our momentum and the confidence that we can overcome all travails of the spirit. It pulls us back into the program of fear where we become polarized and paralyzed in having to choose “this” or “that,” rather than just BEing centered in peace and love.

Lastly, we mustn’t forget that there is only One Source, One Consciousness that created us all. How can there be a right or a wrong side to something when it’s all part of the same consciousness, essence and blueprint of life.

So yes, the Super Bowl is a metaphor for the superconscious humans we are becoming. And with the receipt of our superpowers, we need to understand how to best use our energies and stay in alignment by walking the middle way of neutrality.

Movements don’t change anything, they merely raise consciousness by creating more separation. Through the magnification of separation, the blind begin to see that the only thing we can change in life is ourself. Change happens one heart at a time. We change the world by opening our hearts to the love and joy that abides in Nature, BEing attuned to Nature and aligned with our True Nature.

~ Son’Yah (Alisha Renee Kaiser) ♥

Super Bowl Insights (A Metaphor for Life)

Hi Everyone,

With all the craziness going on in the world, I was feeling compelled to write about the Super Bowl. I’m not a sports fan, although I was in my youth. I like to witness events that call large amounts of people together because it gives me a perspective on consciousness that I find very informative.

So speaking on the Super Bowl, possibly being one of the largest pulling mass magnets in the national and international sports scene, I decided to watch the game. Now watching the game for me is first recording it so I can fast forward through the parts I don’t want to watch. So I watch the play and sometimes the replay, and then fast forward to the next play. (I tell you, the game is so much more exciting when you cut out all the excess.)

Anyway, for me it makes the game so much more appealing as it keeps the action continuously flowing. But that’s not why I wanted to write about the Super Bowl. The reason I am writing about it is because it offered a very valuable teaching tool for the masses. What it demonstrated for me is that in the face of all obstacles, the New England Patriots never gave up. They held their focused intention and attention on the goal and in doing that pulled out a victory that no one saw coming. What a statement and example for humanity in these tumultuous times.

Looking at it a little deeper, you have a young team, the Atlantic Falcons, who dominated the first half of the game with their youthful prowess and strength. But coming back in the second half, you have the seasoned New England Patriots you have the experience of pacing themselves and the mental and emotional control that comes from experience, to hold their collective vision together.

Through their unity of purpose and intent, they were able to pull themselves out of the pit of despair. They refused to give up and through purposeful will and desire, turned the game around, tying the score in the last seconds of the game.

Then taking that momentum, they blazed a path down the field for the winning touchdown. I must tell you, it was the most exciting football game I have ever watched. But more than that, the message of hope it gave to humanity that when we stick together and unite for a desired cause, that we can be unstoppable and assured of a victory, by never giving up, in the face of all obstacles.

And for those fans on the losing side, I hope you can take the positive message out of this loss and enhance your lives with the knowing that nothing has permanence. We can always change our world with the knowing that if we never give up, victory is assured.

~ Son’Yah (Alisha Renee Kaiser) ♥

The Divine Nature of Atoms (Birthing a New World)

Meditating on the Divine Nature of Atoms (DNA)TM as the ecstasy or bliss expression of nature, I entered into the sacred temple of my heart and saw a pillar of white light with a crystalline DNA double helix spiraling down through my chakras. Looking at the picture and inner knowing that the universe resides within me, I saw the chakras as orbiting planets that move into divine convergence when the heart is energetically harmonious.

Another way to look at this is to see your chakras as having a harmonic convergence through their alignment. Despite all outward influences, like the planets, we necessarily come into alignment as we orbit the sacred atom or sun within our hearts. When we are able to do this on a consistent basis through constancy in heart action, we move into continuous synchronization grace.

Through the concentration of our attention into a still-point of peace and bliss, our thoughts are bent by the light through one-pointed concentration of energy. Concentration of our attention / intention implodes into itself as a spiraling vortex within the womb of the heart to birth an idea through vision out the other side.

Lord Shiva Courtesy of http://www.hindugallery.com/lord-shiva-images/

Alignment through the heart womb brings us into complete alignment with the I AM Presence of the Higher Self into the world of our making. The birthing happens within and without, simultaneously, whether we are aware of it or not. Just like a sperm planted into an ovum, the seed has been planted into the heart womb and continues to grow until it is birthed into the world through a contraction of the Soul pushing (manifesting) it into the light of day.

Looking at this picture within ourselves, and applying it outwardly, you can see that once you come into full alignment with the heart, even the solar system’s lunar and planetary cyclic influences can no longer effect you or your energy matrix for you have moved beyond its influence.

How is that possible you may ask? You see, every chakra as a planet within your physical biological universe, is represented as a band of energy through the seven (7) heart muscles that make up the heart. These muscles are intimately involved in the function of your heart as they surround and contract within the heart. If the resonance is off, the heart beat will not sound out a healthy or resonant tone, creating a sharp or flat note instead, thereby causing miscommunication between your DNA and the cells of your body.

So every feeling that is not based in love, such as judgment, fear, greed, doubt, hatred, projection, etc., creates disharmony in the communication from our DNA to our cells. This disharmonic note is the beginning of the chord of dis-ease within our bodies.

The energetics of our thoughts either create a world of harmony, peace and bliss or it creates disharmony, disease and chaos. (Where the mind goes, the energy follows.) The source of the disharmony, whether it be from the mind or emotions, will bring the whole organism into a state of separation or breakdown from within and without.

Thus, focusing on the chaos that is happening in the world, will only keep you enmeshed in a third dimensional or physical reality that is, of necessity, falling apart. By focusing on the illusions, separation and hatred in the world, you keep your mind and emotions imprisoned in a dense field that is no longer energetically being supported on the planet — a prison that keeps self-perpetuating in your physical biology (inwardly and outwardly) as you energetically support it.

The convergence of your chakras with your physical heart also embodies the convergence of the multidimensional aspects of yourself. You see, each chakra represents a dimension, form of consciousness and thus experience unto itself, either inside of time (1st – 3rd) or outside of time (4th – 12th). As we align with all the parts of ourselves into unity and wholeness, these inner dimensional and invisible worlds become more available to our everyday awareness. The Oversoul has been orchestrating these parts of ourselves as memories that we call present, past or future, but in reality they are all happening simultaneously.

As we move into the wholeness that we are, the memory and knowledge contained within these parts of ourselves merge into one light body, or divine light technology, as crystalline bodies of light instead of dense carbon bodies, within our cellular DNA. To move into these light bodies (higher frequency vessels), we of necessity, must purge out all of the toxins, illusions and belief systems that we held in our unconscious states of mind, body and emotions.

We change the world not by defending our positions, but by remaining neutral in the face of all obstruction. When we hold the vision of what we want our life and the new world to look like, and take peaceful actions to support that vision, things unfold miraculously through continuous synchronization grace.

“Be the change you wish to see and consciously weave the dream of your life and your world.”

~ Alisha Renee Kaiser ♥

Lion’s Gate July 26th – Aug. 12th

lions_gateThe 8:8 Lion’s Gate is another doorway of accelerated awakening of the cellular records within all Beings. The cellular records are held within a crystalline code within the strands of our DNA and within the universe. It is a time when the dormant light codes awaken our memory.

I wanted to share this information with you before this timing passes, as it is so important to align yourself with the Christ Consciousness of love and compassion as we enter into a new 9 year cycle of energy. So I am sharing a post that I feel contains the essential keys to assist you in making this alignment.

Lion’s Gate: Master Cycle Commences – Opening of the Seventh Dimension on Earth 2016

Galactic Archangels ~ Spiritual Tides of Consciousness

Click here for full-size Galactic Chart

The Solar, Galactic and Universal Archangels usher in Spiritual Tides of Consciousness during the cyclic procession of the sun and galaxies through the universe. Spiritual Tides of Consciousness afford us opportunities to prepare our spiritual gardens – to cleanse out the old and usher in the new.  

As of April 22, 2016 (Earth Day), the third dimensional grids were energetically dissolved which means that the old paradigm reality is no longer being supported. The new 5th dimensional grids have been in place since 2010 and are now being activated for the birthing of Mother Earth and humanity into a new way of Being.

All spiritual decisions are made in the inner planes while we sleep. With the dissolving of the 3rd dimensional grid, those who have chosen 5th dimensional activation have set their intention and course on the inner planes for Ascension and Mastery. Thus, the Galactic Archangels are now making themselves known to us to assist us in this regard. They are ushering in energies through certain Trinity Constellations and Solar Constellation star-clusters within those constellations, for cleansing, purifying and activating our spiritual DNA, soul memory and inner knowing.

Once we move beyond the veils of duality, we move into the trinity action, where the three become ONE in body, soul and spirit. The archetypal blueprint within our universe is based on this trinity action, starting with the first trinity of Mother, Father, God Absolute. This trinity action is mirrored throughout the universe as the Solar, Galactic and Universal Suns and within our solar system as the Sun, Earth and Moon.  

Part of our soul memory lies in awakening our own mythological stories. Mythological stories were used by the ancients to record historical events over long periods of time and are contained within all ancient civilization creation stories. These stories hold the keys to activate and retrieve our soul memories. Every life has a pattern (blueprint) and key elements within it that were designed to help us remember our soul family and lineage and who we truly are on a cosmic level. So in sharing information about the Galactic Archangels, I have relied on the mythological stories of the stars to shape and form the deeper spiritual meaning held within them.

* * *


(Updated and Revised)

In preparation for the Summer Solstice, new information was brought in over a three-day period to support humanity in this new cycle of energy that we are entering.  The Galactic Archangels that are now available to us are:

  • Archangel Antari out of the Constellation of Scorpius.
  • Archangel Arcturus out of the Constellation of Bootes;
  • Archangel Pegasus out of the Constellations Pegasus and Andromeda; and
  • Archangel Orion out of the Constellation Orion.

ARCHANGEL ANTARI comes out of the Constellation of Scorpius which is at the equatorial center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Scorpius pre-dates the Greeks, and is one of the oldest constellations known. It represents the scorpion and is associated with the story of Orion in Greek mythology.1


Scorpius has multiple binary, triple and supergiant stars within its Constellation. Antares, a red supergiant, is about 10,000 times more luminous than our sun and is the brightest star in the Scorpius Constellation. The Star Antares is at the very heart of the Scorpius Constellation. Furthermore, the constellation itself, holds the heart space within the pyramid shaped Archangel Constellations. Thus, it is the heart of Scorpius that propels the spiritual warrior, Orion, into action. Remarkably, Archangel Antari’s wings are a deep, rich, reddish earth color.  

Besides representing the heart of the Galactic Archangels, Scorpius also represents the energy of death, rebirth and resurrection. Archangel Antari will support and assist us on the path of enlightenment to:

  • Connect to the deepest part of our hearts;
  • Connect to the stream of expanded consciousness within the galaxy; and
  • Receive our spiritual inheritance and treasures.
  • Restoration and activation of our spiritual DNA.

ARCHANGEL ARCTURUS works out of the Constellation Bootes. Arcturus is the brightest star North of the Celestial Equator within the Constellation of Bootes. Bootes 2   Arcturus_image3 3

Arcturus, in essence, is acting as the North Star within the galactic universe as well as the top position held within the trinity action of the Archangel Constellations.

The Constellation Arcturus is commonly referred to as the Herdsman in Greek Mythology. The Herdsman, as the protector of a flock of souls, is also the Guardian of the Bear or Primal Mother. Thus, Archangel Arcturus, as our protector and Guardian of the Great Primal Mother, will assist us on our spiritual journey in the following ways:

  • Psychic Protection;
  • Accessing higher vibrational energies;
  • Increased clarity of inner visions;
  • Raising our energies to a universal level; and
  • Reveals the secrets within the gifts of the spiritual harvest.

ARCHANGEL PEGASUS comes out of the Constellations Pegasus and Andromeda. They both are in the southern hemisphere below the celestial center of the Milky Way Galaxy on its western border. The Andromeda constellation is diametrically across from the Constellation Orion, on the eastern border of the Milky Way Galaxy. Thus, these three constellations hold the two bottom positions of the Archangel Constellations’ triangulation. const_peg 

If you are wondering why Archangel Pegasus is formed by two constellations, just look into the night sky and you will see that the head of Andromeda is one of the stars in the four-star square body of Pegasus.4  

The Greek Mythological Pegasus was a white-winged horse. Contrary to other mythological stories, his father was Poseidon, God of the Sea, and his mother was Mnemosyne, the Goddess of Memory and Inspiration. It is interesting to note that the Hippocampus, our memory center, actually looks like a sea horse.  

The Andromeda Constellation is named after the Greek Princess Andromeda. The name Andromeda means “to be mindful.” Looking at the mythological story of Andromeda, you will recall that she was saved by Perseus, the Son of Zeus, by the gorgon monster, Medusa. Medusa was a winged create with golden scales, who had venomous snakes for hair. If anyone looked upon her face, they were instantly turned to stone.  

When looking at the correlations between these two constellations, you will find that Andromeda’s head lies in the stomach, or gut, of Pegasus and her body lies over his right back leg. The stomach correlates to digesting one’s intuition and the leg correlates to the will. The message here is that the Divine Feminine intuition is the rider of the spiritual horse of Pegasus which carries the message to be mindful of venous thoughts (that can turn the heart to stone), as you travel on the spiritual path and learn the right use of the Will.

Archangel Pegasus is also the ancient sign for the New Age Consciousness of the Christ and has beautiful rainbow colored wings.  In addition to the above, Archangel Pegasus will be supporting us in:

  • The restoration of our soul memory and inner knowing;
  • Spiritual enlightenment; and
  • Birthing of the Christ Mind.

ARCHANGEL ORION comes out of the Constellation of Orion, which lies on the eastern border in the celestial center of the Milky Way Galaxy.5  OC0811004_OrionThe Constellation Orion origins come out of Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Aztec, Hungarian and Greek mythologies as either a great hunter, warrior or heavenly shepherd. In Greek mythology he was the son of the sea god Poseidon and Euryale, the daughter of King Minos of Crete.  

The belt of Orion carries the sword of truth. Below Orion’s belt is a nebula, which contains interstellar clouds where stars are born. Orion’s Nebula appears as the slightly blurry central “star” in Orion’s Sword [which actually looks like 3-stars], just south of Orion’s belt.

Much like the Constellation Scorpius, Orion has multiple binary, triple and supergiant stars within its Constellation and also is associated with the energy of death, afterlife and rebirth. The spiritual gifts available to us from Archangel Orion are:

  • The strength and courage of  the spiritual warrior to act with moral conviction and to speak it’s truth;
  • Levitation over the astral realm;  
  • Inner vision or sight; and
  • Assistance in birthing and awakening into the star-beings that we truly are.   

Call on the Galactic Archangels whenever you find the need. They are here to assist us in our transformation from 3rd dimensional consciousness to 5th dimensional consciousness and above, as well as birthing of the Christ Consciousness into our hearts, minds and souls.

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