Tools for Ascension and Mastery

The Cosmic Dreaming Weaving process begins with the proper use of meditation as a vehicle into the cosmos.  Meditation is accomplished through concentration, contemplation and meditation on a seed idea.  This approach is the first step to unlock the door to the “Soul’s Language of Light.”

It is recommended that before going to sleep each night that a dream mantram be spoken in full awareness and consciousness.  The use of the dream mantram will align the dreamer with the Divine Self and higher planes of conscious so that the dreamer does not venture into the lower astral planes and subject himself to those influences.  Below you will find dream mantrams to use over the next thirty days.

Surya Yoga is the art of safe sun gazing for spiritual initiation of the body, mind and spirit.  Once you have begun a regular routine of meditating, I would recommend daily sun gazing to accelerate your process of awakening.  Below I have posted rules to follow for safe sun gazing.

Dreaming Tools 


Dream Mantrams

Moon Phase Calculator

Zodiacal Astrological and Moon Calendar


Meditation Tools 

Preparation for Morning Meditation

Morning Meditation Mantrams  

Dusk Meditation

Evening Contemplation


Safe Sun Gazing Tools 

Rules of Safe Sun Gazing