Welcome to Cosmic Dream Weaving, a sanctuary for those seeking the deeper meaning of their life, dreams and Soul purpose. The time to realize and fulfill your Soul’s purpose is NOW as Mother Earth and humanity are in the last leg of a Global Ascension Manifestation.

What is Cosmic Dream Weaving you might ask?  The root of Cosmic Dream Weaving occurs within a crystalline matrix.  This matrix is actively created as you ascend the ladder of consciousness.  It’s like a river of knowledge, except in crystalline form, that is the key to opening the doors of the cosmos and to your true identity.

Cosmic Dream Weaving is an eternal process that mankind is just beginning to recall. As part of the awakening process, it is necessary to unearth root belief systems, to see if they are instruments of creation or destruction, within the quantum fabric of physical reality. To re-member the source of one’s dream matrix, there must be an activation of the crystalline matrix.  Part of our work will be to activate this matrix to make a shift in consciousness.  Working with the diamond Christ Codes, the blueprints of creation, dreams, meditation, the quantum field and intention you will bring to memory and transmute all that has been experienced as illusion to reveal the real.

Cosmic Dream Weaving is designed to blend the soul’s reincarnational memory into the Now for full mastery and consciousness of all lifestreams. This is possible through the power of the Electron, an “Ark of the Covenant” vehicle. By approaching the dream from both sides, the walls will come tumbling down, revealing the mythological stories we have created and ultimately the blueprints of our creations.  From here, true mastery can be achieved as one begins to create in full consciousness from the Christ Mind.

When we are tuned to receive the archetypal blueprints of creation, we will begin to relate to our world on a cosmos level and awaken to the full understanding of creation within the universe.  As the dimensional realities begin to merge into one, we reclaim our place within the stars as cosmic travelers remembering with untold peace and joy the journey we have woven to this place in time and continue to weave throughout the cosmos.

The process to accomplish this is quite easy and yet it is not, for it will require you to reformat your maps of consciousness and let go of all your preconceived ideas about yourself and who you think you are. Cosmic Dream Weaving is designed to support you through this transmutation process.

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“Be the change you wish to see and consciously weave the dream of your life and your world.” ~ Son’Yah ♥