The Missing ‘Peace’

Sometimes some of our most deepest and painful memories can only be accessed through divine support. The following is my story of such an experience and what a wonderful transformational lesson I received in the process. From my heart to yours!

♥ Son’Yah



My first memories in life were of my dreams. One was a repetitive nightmare where I was lying in my crib crying. My mother entered the room, yelling at me, as she approached. I didn’t know how to escape her menacing presence, so I began to dissolve into a world of sound which enveloped me in a yellow orb of light. The sound overwhelmed my senses, as I became smaller and smaller, until I completely disappeared.

I’ve spent the majority of my life attempting to recapture this wounded part of myself. She was so frightened and emotionally injured, that she did not want to come back from her invisible world. But then on Easter, seeking a deeper relationship with Source through prayer and meditation, an Easter Bunny appeared. Surprised by the vision, I asked the rabbit if it had a message for me. It responded: “Let go of Everything!” As I followed this advice, I felt myself surrender into the void of nothingness.

As this occurred, the Easter Bunny leaped into the cosmos on three arcs of stardust (portending a forthcoming blessing) and turned into a beautiful dragon. Then, miraculously, my injured little girl reappeared before me. She tried to stand up on her little feet, but fell down. She got up again and managed to wobbily keep her balance. I was so overjoyed to retrieve my inner child, that we cried in each other’s arms in joyful reunion. After visiting with her for awhile, I told her I would frequent with her again, soon.

But life moved me into the fast lane and I did not revisit her. I had another dream where she was having a crying tantrum because I was not giving her any attention. In fact, keeping myself busy was my unconscious way of avoiding her. Avoiding her kept me from facing all the ways I wasn’t honoring her in my life. To be honest, I never learned how to nurture this part of myself. I quickly discovered it was now my responsibility to be the loving parents she ardently wanted. What? That is exactly why I never had children, because I knew I wouldn’t know how to emotionally take care of them.

Seeking guidance from Divine Mother Sophia, the greatest Mother of All, I am now seeing “The Way” to care for her and taking the time to reacquaint myself with the innocence and vulnerability that she represents. I realized that until I FULLY reclaim ALL of myself, I can never achieve my soul purpose for BEing.

The missing peace, for each of us, is in reclaiming the divine innocence we were born with and have never lost. It’s just waiting for our sincere beckoning to resurrect itself back into our heart and soul. It’s the guiding light that can carry us on wings of glory to the authenticity we so fervently desire.

Truthfully, the only way to change the world is to change ourselves, for lasting change always begins from within, never from without.


Reptiles represent the sexual will and kundalini action. Dreams of primitive animals identify one’s level of development. Dreams of prehistoric animals indicate that one is researching memory banks from past ancestral lives.

Obsolete symbols indicate the need to move forward and let go of past habits or ways of thinking that no longer serve the current phase of development. Obsolete symbols can appear at any level of dreaming.


©2014 Cosmic Dream Weaving



The moon enters the zodiacal sign of Sagittarius at 7:45 pm PST on October 28, 20ll and will remain there until 9:37 pm on October 30, 2011. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter contains invaluable gifts of inheritance that manifest in 12-year cycles. Through Jupiter’s influence, expanding consciousness becomes a reality.

The Hindus believe that five completed cycles of Jupiter create a Brhaspati Cycle. One of the meanings of Brhaspati is Jupiter. Each 60-year Brhaspati Cycle was considered to be a significant timing for the world. One can tell that we are currently in a 60-year Brhaspati Cycle by the expanding consciousness that is happening worldwide. This expanding of man’s consciousness will usher in a significant event that will change reality as we now know it.

* * *

Our consciousness is raised through outer events and by way of our dreams. To understand how the soul works with the dream body, you must also look at the lunar, planetary and solar influences so that one can more completely determine what the soul is attempting to convey.

Sagittarius is influenced by the yang or masculine polarity. The masculine polarity produces mind and reason. Consequently, our mental processes may be exposed in the dream. Sagittarius is also a fire sign. Fire produces a cleansing action. Thus, the dream may reveal mental debris in need of cleansing which are being held in the undersoul. The undersoul is the container that holds all the debris laden thoughts, deeds or actions created by the lower ego and the subconscious mind that are not based on unconditional love.

The solar influence resides with Archangel Michael, the guardian of the Western Gate of the Law. In this solar cycle, (September 22nd through December 20th) we take on the karmic burdens of our past unknowing for transmutation. Dreams received during this timing will reveal more information about karmic energy or grace that is now ready to be released.

If one dreams when the moon is in Sagittarius, Jupiter may reflects one’s dependency upon others who walk with him on the path of enlightenment. If so, one will awaken resolved to put his symbolic instruction into daytime action and reality.

In summary, if you put all the cycles together, we see that dreams received while the moon is in Sagittarius will expand our consciousness by bringing up and revealing mental debris which must be purified for the release of karmic energies. If one has resolved their karmic past, then the message will be one of grace entering one’s life.