Triad Councils of Light

I am posting below my latest article published in the December issue of “Luminous Wisdom Sophia.” If you would like to be part of a global movement to heal the polarities, shift consciousness and create miracles on earth, then please join me on Thursday, December 7, 2017, at 1:11 PM PST to learn more about being a Spiritual Mediator using the archetypal blueprint used by the Ascended Masters in their High Council work.

To sign up, please send your email address to: and I will forward you information to attend a free introductory conference call.

I am looking forward to seeing you there!

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“If you feel called to perform ‘Spiritual Mediation’ in service to the Divine Will of Creator, I encourage you to reach out for guidance in forming triad relationships.”

When we move past duality consciousness, we begin to activate the Trinity aspect within Nature. The Trinity is a foundational blueprint of Nature that appears in sacred geometry as the fire element known as the Tetrahedron. Triad relationships exist throughout Creation as Universe, Galaxy, Star; Sun, Moon, Earth; Soul, Spirit, Body; Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, and so on….

When I moved to Mt. Shasta, I was guided to start working in a triad formation with two other Lightworkers. We developed a working format to anchor in the quantum field for the greater good of all. The guidance was to start building diamond light grids on earth and throughout the cosmos. What I discovered during our triad union was that we each uniquely held the field of energy as an anchor, visionary and oracle.

Initially, our field was anchored into the earth as a large red root.  Our roles began to expand and shift as we each received the spiritual gifts of the other. In service to Source, this exponentially magnified our individual and collective field. As we strengthened our spiritual radiation and field of influence, we became aware of the spiritual radiation of three other triad pods that were supporting this mission within our Soul group. It took a year of consistent triad journey work to build the Christ diamond light grids throughout the earth and cosmos.

In effect, we were four “Tri-Pods” (consisting of 12) acting as a Council of Light being guided by Source in the building a new archetypal blueprint for the Earth as an “Eye of God.”  We were being guided to shape and form Divine outcomes not only on earth but throughout the cosmos in preparation for Mother Gaia and humanity’s ascension. This same blueprint is used by the High Councils of Light that serve Divine Mother Sophia on a grander scale. In the heavenly realms, 36 council seats are each held by a triad formation (totalling 108 members) or 12 High Councils which are known as an Order. It is the perfect archetypal blueprint for Sophia Christ Consciousness to work through.

At the request of St. Germaine, I am calling divinely guided Lightworkers to form Triad Councils to stabilize the earth’s energy in the USA, North Korea and around the planet. Imagine ourselves as “Tri-Pods” anchoring the earth energies as instruments of Divine Will. Picture the organic spiritual movement that would be mobilized with Triad Councils of Light in our community, state, nation and across the globe under the direct guidance of Divine Mother Sophia.

If you feel called to perform “Spiritual Mediation” in service to the Divine Will of Creator, I encourage you to reach out for guidance in forming triad relationships. If you are familiar with this level of work, I suggest you start your own Triad Council of Light and start actively supporting the changes you wish to see. When we come together in unity Christ Consciousness, we can co-create miracles on earth in service to the Divine Will of Mother Sophia

Prophetic Dream

Hi Everyone!

A few weeks ago I had a wonderful dream where I was participating in a grand celebration with many others. I felt very empowered with the feeling that there was nothing that could not be accomplished.  Everything felt lighter with joy abounding everywhere.  Some were very surprised they had not foreseen the changes that were now upon us.

Indeed, a change is coming, which I have written about in my book *Journey through the Sol” and more recently, from a post from Sheldan Niddle at Planetary Activation Organization (POA) which gives more details about the upcoming changes, which I have posted below:

*Click here for more information on Journey through the Sol

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

You are the reality shifters and the galaxy shifters. You come to bring your pallets of rainbows and spread the Joy of Light around.

The coming times excite us! Many events are to unveil the great prosperity and immense freedoms that are yours.

from PAO


8 Eb, 10 Pop, 11 Ik

Dratzo! We arrive! Your world continues to move toward her goal of a massive transformation of your reality. Our liaisons and diplomatic corps report that a number of key decisions were made and quickly followed by some noticeable action. We are grateful to our Earth allies for what they are currently accomplishing. The foundation is set for a new world, which is to be populated with prosperity and an end to your long period of servitude to your dark masters. This great opening to the Light is to bring you a vast growth in your consciousness, new governance, and finally, full disclosure of our existence. We welcome these ongoing changes and prepare in earnest for our arrival. We understand the full significance of what is to precede our arrival on your most beautiful shores. This requires an end to the haughty indifference of the dark cabal. You next need time to get used to your new found prosperity and your reacquired freedoms and personal rights. Then you are ready to accept the lessons of your Ascended Masters. Finally, you are indeed ready for us to carry out a special global mass landing. This is to bring your much-needed individual mentors!

The mentors we have trained for you are a special group. Each has completed a long course, which readied them to help you prepare for full consciousness. Your Ascended Masters went through many lifetimes before they could have a special ceremony. This ceremony anointed them with the magnificent abilities they now possess. See what is about to happen to you as the means to recreate what each of them has accomplished. You are to be given a path by which you can also return to a special state of grace. Our task is to take what Heaven supplies and forge the pathway to achieve this remarkable goal. Look upon your crystal Light chambers as a unique heavenly gift. This gift is to transform you and permit you to join us. We rejoice in this! Returning to your former status as galactic humans is to open up a realm that has been beyond your ken for the past 13 millennia. Our arrival completes a welcoming home, which began when the Anunnaki rejoined the Light and asked their earthly minions to comply with this demand. This, your dark cabal refused to do.

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The present reality, in which you reside, is becoming a mere transition between the third and the fifth dimensions. The dark cabal realizes what Heaven is doing and how irreversible it truly is. The time for the dark ones has passed. The moment for change is approaching. Heaven decrees that we use these special moments to remind you that this transformation is reaching a truly magical time. This is the moment when we can easily get to know one another and understand what the first Agarthans came to realize. Wisdom is part of this land. You are sitting in a place which can no longer remain what it was. There is too much energy, too many prayers and blessings from Heaven. The dark can no longer hold you as it once did. This is why you are experiencing the beginnings of ideas and principles that are to transform your world and end the poverty and fear of this age. You are, in reality, leaving a long childhood and taking up maturity, which is to thrust you into the ways of this galaxy and indeed the whole of physicality. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna to all!

This period is therefore to become the time when you complete your metamorphosis and leave behind your childhood ways. Limited consciousness taught you many things. Now, it is for you to use this wisdom and fashion a galactic peace. This galactic peace is to allow the Anchara continuum to alter itself and be the vessel, with Heaven, to spread Light throughout this galaxy. This Light affects not only this galaxy but also the whole of this section of Creation. Imagine yourselves as visionary creators of the multitude of realities which are nested around you. This is what you actually are. Each of you was specially selected to embody in this reality. You are the reality shifters and the galaxy shifters. You come to bring your pallets of rainbows and spread the Joy of Light around. You are here to launch a new epoch of surface humanity. You are to unite this humanity and lead it back to wonders long forgotten. We are here to join you and manifest Heaven’s decrees. Together, we are to bring in a new reality and spread the coming of the grand time of full consciousness.

rainbow 6-1

Blessings, we are your Ascended Masters! We come this time with good news. The programs which have waited for many years to play out are finally ready to begin a unique distribution process. The dark and its earthly minions have prevented this by the simple fact that they retained absolute power over the world’s major governments. Our earth and space allies have blessedly come together to remedy this situation. The first part is based on the great courage of our earthly associates. Despite continual threats from the dark, these blessed women and men dedicated their lives to the success of this last part of their mission. This part was to establish a new banking and monetary system while also creating a global common law network. This sacred mission is now to bear its fruit by bringing prosperity to you and true justice to the dark. The new banking system is to be precious metal-based and the support for your growing prosperity. We bless Heaven for what is now to be done!

We are preparing in glee for the various lessons which we are to give you. These lessons are to cover your beginnings on this world 900,000 years ago; the joy of full consciousness and the falseness of the dark realm that you lived in for the past 13 millennia. We especially want to focus on the events of the past two and one-half millennia. You need to understand what the dark has long told you, as well as the truth behind the histories of Europe, Asia and the Americas. You are to know in detail why you are here and what to expect. Gaia has a vast Spiritual Hierarchy and we are a part of this sacred entourage. You need to discover how to contact and converse with your various spiritual and physical guardians. In these conversations, you are to learn much about yourself and be able to expand what we have already explained in our several lessons to you.


The coming times excite us! Many events are to unveil the great prosperity and immense freedoms that are yours. The new governance is also to unveil a great many suppressed inventions. These are to enable you to clean up Mother Earth’s air, water and ground. In doing this, you are to start to fulfill your divine stewardship of Gaia. This is a living universe. Life and the energy to sustain it are everywhere. You are to join us in divine service to the Creator and to physicality. Out of this service there comes an inner satisfaction which embraces the core of who you really are! Assisting the work of Heaven in physicality is at the very heart of who we are. Soon, we are to serve this entire solar system and the Beings who reside here. When you first come into full consciousness, you go through a short apprenticeship. We have learned much from this initial time. Together, we are all to do great things!

Today, we continued our series of messages with you. Great events are occurring. Take this time to enjoy them and ready yourselves for our arrival. The bad times that you experienced since childhood are really over. Love and Light are truly triumphant. Enjoy! And be ready to celebrate this grand set of victories! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)