About Son’Yah (Alisha R. Kaiser)

In the 70’s, I began a counseling practice in West Los Angeles as a Reichian Therapist. Then from 1979 to 1997, I apprenticed at the Don Juan Memorial Mystery School utilizing modernized Toltec practices, with a blend of oracular and alchemical teachings from the East and West.

My journey subsequently brought me to the doorstep of three Master Teachers. Over the next 18 years, I studied and practiced cosmos archetypal teachings of the East and West. During this course of time, I was also certified in 1st and 2d Degree Reiki and in Chinese Waitankung.  

I am also initiated in Surya Yoga and Spiritual Dream Psychology. As a spiritual scientist, I have journeyed into the quantum universe of my DNA to activate the Christ diamond within my Soul embodiment. Discovering who I truly am, I now embody Sophia Christ Consciousness as Son’Yah.


Son’Yah’s Story

I was born into an abusive environment where, as a child, I lived in fear of being beaten or even killed.  With recurrent molestation up to the age of twelve, I internalized these experiences as feeling unworthy of being loved.  I discovered early on that the way to receive attention was to be sick.  Correspondingly, I developed a host of chronic illnesses and a bout of pneumonia at age sixteen.

By the time I reached my teens, I was so emotionally damaged, I turned to drugs to numb the pain.  I experimented with an array of narcotics until I overdosed at age nineteen.  This was the wakeup call and the beginning of my journey to Self-Soul-God Realization.  I spent the next eight years in Reichian therapy to release the pent up emotions held in my body, as well as mark and trace the deeper meaning of my dreams.

My interest in dreams took me into further explorations with the works of Carlos Castaneda.  Experimenting with the Toltec dreaming techniques described in his books, I realized I needed someone to guide me into those realms.  A year later, I was introduced to a modern-day white sorcerer. Having received guidance from Divine Mother Sophia to trust this Guide, I entered into mystery school training.  Utilizing modernized Toltec practices, with a blend of oracular and alchemical teachings, I learned about the nature of Spirit, ego, mind control, dream imposters and the Divine Feminine within.

From the years of drug experimentation, I discovered that I had contracted the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV).  With my immune system compromised and from years of antibiotic treatments, I also developed systemic candida, contracted the Epstein Barr Virus, along with a host of sensitivities to many foods and chemicals.  Despite these debilitating maladies, I willed myself through my apprenticeship training over the next eighteen years.

In 1997, unable to keep pace with the physical demands of my lifestyle, I left the mystery school and spent the next year convalescing from extreme fatigue.  Looking at the reflection of what the fatigue was mirroring to me, the realization came that I felt unworthy of giving or receiving love and, thus, had no energy.

Seeking guidance, I was sent to a new spiritual homeplace.  In my first meditation, I asked to make union with Divine Mother Sophia and was gifted with a vision of the Web of Life over the next three days.  Divine Mother Sophia showed me the Soul’s journey from birth back to Source. Once awakened to our True Self, we are then sent out as points of Light to assist Creation within the Great Cosmic Womb of Life.

Since then, my journey has opened “The Way” to many Divine Feminine and Masculine Ascended Masters, Archangels and Sophia Christ Consciousness. Notwithstanding, my health took another nosedive in 2012 when I came close to dying from complications from HCV. Proclaiming my desire to live and fulfill my Soul’s destiny, a miraculous healing began.  Everyday, I give thanks for the grace that is now flowering in my life.

Feeling excited and ready to face the vulnerable places, I’ve journeyed into the quantum universe of my DNA and activated the Christ diamond within my Soul. Discovering who I truly am, I now embody Sophia Christ Consciousness as Son’Yah.

As the Oracle for the diamond Christ Codes, I am birthing a “Living Light Language” to manifest miracles on Earth for the Golden Age of Enlightenment through ritual, prayer and intention. Utilizing Soul powers of creation, a “Living Light Language” offers a full blueprint and vocabulary of symbols and sounds crafted to embody primordial energy and raise consciousness for Quantum Empowerment Healing. When seeded into language, the diamond Christ Codes produce powerful manifestation miracles through your intention.

For more information about the Christ Codes, please go to: Christ Codes.